With over 40 years of experience, our team
can bring your dream to fruition.


Silas has been on jobsites with his father, Paul, since before he could walk. He worked side by side with his father for the majority of 30 years where he learned a good work ethic and how to pay attention to the details. After a break for several years to serve in the military, Silas has returned to the Seattle area to partner up with his father once again and continue the family business. He continues to exhibit his passion through craftsmanship, innovative design and ensuring a good customer experience.


Paul brings over 40 years of experience and expertise to S&P Builders. Beginning at entry level new construction, Paul soon became project superintendent. Since then Paul has built new and commercial construction as well as all forms of remodeling. Now he is teaming up with his son with S&P Builders.

Helping Communities

We at S&P Builders have always had a desire to give back. Whether it’s going to places like Louisiana and Mississippi to help with Hurricane Katrina clean-up and rebuilding or Mexico for various assistance and construction projects. When we can’t go ourselves, we enjoy financially partnering with organizations in places like Southeast Asia, who specialize in humanitarian work and relief and community development.


Sheila from Burien

If your reading this, then you must be looking for reassurance about this company and the way they do business.

My story: Our kitchen was in need of a remodel, however working around the construction industry for years, and hearing all the nightmares I was very leary to trust anyone. Then we met Contractor Paul Gayner, as he was remodeling his own home. I decided to put some trust into him with a small front door project, this eventually ended up in a full kitchen remodel project. He helped from beginning concept design to a full build. We found Paul to be the most honest hard working contactor we have met. His work is exceptional and caring. He delivers a stand-up product to customer satisfaction. We continue to hire Paul as no work is too small. Take the leap you won't be disappointed.

Paula from Atascadero

S&P Builders did a remodel of our dining room and living room area. They did a remarkably efficient job in completing the project within two weeks! It was amazing how they worked diligently day and night to complete the job as quickly as possible so we would not feel uprooted for long. Also, it is noteworthy to report how clean they kept the area so the rest of our house had minimal disruption.

The work that S&P Builders did was excellent craftsmanship with the finished work being detailed and precise. We were appreciative that Silas and Paul cared enough to offer a few of their own creative ideas that enhanced the look of the remodel. They have a good eye and vision for seeing the details needed to make the final outcome blend with the rest of the house. We are so pleased and happy with our new living area and thank S&P Builders for making it so beautiful!